Local SEO: Intangible service,tangible results

As of today, there are over 130 million registered websites on the Internet and to dive into this uncontrollable sea of information we require search engines which are ample such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc. but the most widely used is Google whenever you search for something it comes out with a Search Engine Result Page(S.E.R.P)on which you can see firstly there are advertisements placed by companies dealing with that specific product or service and after that are the specific pages of particular websites. Most of the people who use search engines prefer to see only the results displayed on the first page and if they don’t find what they want they just change the query or start from scratch and this is where the need for optimizing a website or doing SEO is deeply felt. Search Engine

Optimization(S.E.O)means affecting the visibility of a webpage in order to improve its ranking on Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) similarly local SEO is a process of getting the physical location of your business listed on Google using Google My Business(G.M.B)tool so that people residing or temporarily present around that area are able to locate you with much ease and study about you besides this it also includes taking measures to optimize your business website to make it rank better by creating interesting and engaging content free from flaws thereby persuading genuine visitors to turn into subscribers or customers.

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