The following are the tips that will be valuable for SEO for blogger blogs to upgrade your blog for Google and other search engines. Read them precisely and apply every one of them on your blog to make your blog adorable and to drive traffic to your website. Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers are listed one by one.

1. Customized Robots Header Tags

Presently you can see the Customized Robots (Header) Tags alternative on Blogger dashboard to enhance site improvement (SEO) for web indexes like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others.There are a few settings for blogger blogs that they can by implement and by improving those on their websites they can make their websites more SEO amicable.

Customized Robots Header Tags setting is one of them. It’ll be helpful for you to utilize custom robots headers labels accurately. It’s nothing but difficult to deal with these settings.

Customized Robots Header Tags for blogger SEO

Watch this instructional video to setup custom robots header labels for your Blogspot blog now.

2. Customized Robots.txt

Web search tool bots like Googlebot (Search Engine Robot of Google) needs a few rules on how they need to slither and record our blog. We can keep some non-imperative pages marks pages from ordering in Google to shield our blog from copy content issues.

Customized Robots.txt file for Blogger


A great care should be taken while using this features. If anything goes wrong with these features, it will make your blog ignored by the search engines.

3. Optimize Blog Post Titles

According to the research, people will only go through the content, only if you are having good title. The content may be good or wrong its the second thing.The amicable title is the first thing. Try to use some copywriting techniques if you can in the titles.

In the event that you just began your blog on blogger’s default layout, at that point unquestionably you’ll not know with this reality that your post titles are not appropriately upgraded for search engines. You have to do some altering in your blog format to make your post titles legitimately advanced.

You will see a detectable change in natural activity of your blog in the wake of rolling out this improvement. Keeping up two titles will clearly build your CTR. Here are a few hints for composing amicable title and SEO friendly.

For Readers Friendly Title

  • Make your titles terrifying (Like Don’t have Privacy Policy Page! Make it Now?)
  • Make inquiries in the title (Like Do you need more benefit from your blog?)
  • Reveal your privileged insights (Ex: How I made 250 $ from a solitary post)
  • Utilize numbers in the title (Ex: 10 Awesome tips to… )

For Search Friendly Title

  • Do catchphrase examine appropriately.
  • Complete your post title inside 65 words.
  • Utilize special words (Like Top, Tips, Awesome, Ways and so on).
  • Utilize ‘How to’ words if necessary.


4 . Image Optimization

You may see applicable pictures between the posts on many web journals. Pictures upgrade the look of our substance, as well as assumes an essential part to improve our blog entries. In the event that we make compelling utilization of pictures in our blog entries, at that point we can achieve additional activity from web pages.

The advantage of Image Optimization

  • It is useful in lowering the loading time of the site.
  • Showing up on Google hunt and driving more movement!
  • Promoting your products at free of cost.
  • Photograph sharing and social picture sharing locales offer more relevant signs than web crawlers do blade terms of positioning criteria.Images appear in indexed lists pages including Google, Yahoo, Google picture quests, Bing, and that’s just the beginning.

There is less rivalry in picture searches. People are outwardly motivated. Having a photograph of your item show up in an indexed lists page will have a greater amount of an effect than just words. In this illustration, your eyes instantly go to the bright photo of the puppy book.

5. Internal Linking SEO

Internal linking is one of the main tasks in Search Engine Optimization for Blogspot blog. It really helps a blog to rank on google. Numerous bloggers neglect to enhance their inward connections or even they don’t interface their presents on each other inside. This is truly a major slip-up that we should maintain a strategic distance from.

Interior connecting builds our blog site hits as well as help our presents on rank well in Search Engines. If you are doing the same process, at that point you should require a few hints to enhance your interior connections.

Difference between good and bad interlinking

Advantages of Internal Linking in SEO


The main advantage of internal linking in SEO is, it can ultimately increase the rate of search engine rankings. The term called as “Link Juice” is used to denote the efficient passage of internal links from one post to another post.

The more the internal linking, more chance for creating the traffic to your post. You can also implement Backlinks to make the main domain name higher.

Decreased Bounce Rate

This is another fundamental motivation behind why inward connecting is extremely valuable for any site. High bounce rates can truly hurt rankings and look ineffectively to web posts. In the event that your site is seeing many people entering the site and rapidly abandoning it, at that point, you need to ask yourself for what good reason that is going on. Through decreasing the bounce rate you can make blogger blog SEO friendly overall.

6. Search Engine Submission

When we are prepared with our blog enhancement, at that point we have to present our blog in Google’s website admin instrument. Checking and presenting our blog in Google website admin instrument encourages it to get ordered in Google super quick.

It likewise tells about our blog issues like broken connections, HTML enhancements and so forth that we should endeavor to determine. We simply need to check our blog possession and present a sitemap to the search engines. That is it. In the event that you have not included your blog GWT, at that point I prescribe you to peruse underneath instructional exercise.

Advantages of search engine submission

  • Expanded permeability and positioning of your business site in query items of the significant search engine.
  • Higher movement coordinated to your site.
  • More noteworthy mindfulness about items or potential benefits.
  • The keen arrangement of enlightening substance.
  • Concentrated advancement on Web.
  • Noticeable nearness of your site.
  • Pulls in quality prospects to the site.
  • Financially savvy measure.
  • Sets up an effective brand character for your business a little time.
  • Encourages you to produce more noteworthy income.

7. Improve Your Blog Load Time 

In the event that your blog takes part of the time, at that point guests will backpedal and never return again. It will expand bob rate of your blog and you’ll lose your important movement.

Web indexes give more an incentive to quick stacking web journals since they need to manufacture best client encounter. That is the reason it’s essential to upgrade blog loading time.

So, did you like the article? If you have any query related to SEO of Blogger blogs do let me know in the comment below.