Youtube: Changing the world rapidly

The growing usage of the Internet is simultaneously leading to an uplift in digital marketing activities and slowly and gradually business houses and individual entrepreneurs are realizing its need. Although there are various ways to market digitally but one such indispensable tool is the use of videos which is a medium in use since ages as it was video(TV) advertisements for brands like Amul, Cadbury, Dalda, PepsiCo etc.that helped them gained widespread recognition  and humongous market and similarly video campaigns presented as TV advertisements made people aware of diseases, vaccinations and other social agendas which undoubtedly lead to positive changes in the society. In the world of digitalization although there are currently platforms like NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, HotStar etc.which are duly serving their purpose of education and entertainment but one such medium which has been unanimously accepted and has built a niche for itself in the market is Youtube.  

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